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Becoming Women of the Word (with Sarah Christmyer)

We hear so much about the great male figures of the Old Testament – Abraham, Jacob, Moses… but we don’t often think about how much the women of the Old Testament had an impact! What irreplaceable parts did they play? What lessons do they learn? What lessons can they have to teach us about faith?…

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Integrating Faith and Psychology (with Dr. Greg Bottaro)

Have you ever found yourself compulsively ruminating about the past? Or full of anxiety about the future? Sure you have. But the good news is, God desires freedom for you and there are real practical steps you can take towards that freedom! Leah talks with Dr. Greg Bottaro, PsyD, Executive Director and Founder of the…

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Gah, Finances! (with Wallet Win)

If getting out of $25,000 in debt in 7.5 months sounds like an impossible dream to you, we have good news! That’s exactly what Amanda and Jonathan Teixeira did, and from that was born. They share their embarrassing stories, but also tips and advice for saving money, getting out of debt, managing finances, and why transforming your relationship…

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Living FIERCE with Sam Kelley

In this deeply relatable episode with Sam Kelley, founder and president of FIERCE Athlete, we talk about sports culture, femininity, identity, and all the ways that sport can reveal the feminine genius (even for non-athletes!) and be a way to understand yourself and your faith more. Invite Sam to speak, and see more about what…

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Healing From an Eating Disorder

Caralyn shares her journey through an eating disorder and into freedom. She opens up about the ways she protected herself from getting help, but then what enabled her to acknowledge her need for help and to begin the hard journey to healing and happiness. Caralyn and Leah also discuss how to help people in our…

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Dreaming Bigger with God (and Danielle Bean)

We spend an hour letting the message sink in that “we are enough”, and wondering what it would look like if we all lived from that knowledge. Danielle Bean, with her book You Are Enough, shows us that the stories of women in the bible have a message for women today: You are made unique and…

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Learning How to Be Human with Christopher West

Christopher West gives us a glimpse into the work he calls “an education in what it means to be human”. In discussing St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Christopher and Leah talk about desire, hope, redemption, and get REALLY excited together about the story of the Woman at the Well. You can stay…

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Composer Brings Hope to Prisons

Eric Genuis, a world-renowned composer, discusses the connections between beauty, music, hope, and our common humanity. Eric and I have a conversation about his background and career in music, and his ministry to bringing concerts to prisons. He shares about the profound effect that he has seen the experience of beauty have in the lives…

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When God Wrecks Your Romance

Amanda Vernon shares how God can wreck your romance and plans, but it all still turns out, not just “good”, but even better than you could imagine. Amanda and Matt had BIG crushes on each other, and dare I say were “in love” and sincerely loved the Lord. ENTER IN: God’s wrecking ball. Disaster strikes,…

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