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Disney Princesses: Drawing the Bigger Picture

Fabiola Garza is one AMAZING artist, who landed her childhood dream job. Fabi is a Character Artist for…*drumroll please*… DISNEY! In this episode, we hash out the highs and lows of Disney princesses, and what they REALLY teach us. If you love Disney, this is one fairytale episode you won’t want to miss! Keep up with…

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Beyond LGBT

Anna Carter is one fabulous and brave soul! Her ministry work has helped those struggling with same-sex desires and helps the universal Church in how we can approach this pressing subject with love, compassion, and truth. In our conversation, we discuss Anna’s experience with same-sex attraction, healthy friendships, accountability, and so much more! Anna is…

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Little Advent, Big results

Nancy is the founder of “Do Small Things With Love” Catholic blog and community for Catholic women. And, while she may be “doing small things” they are having a BIG impact! Especially concerning ADVENT. She’s got THE LIST for all Advent activities for kids, families, and adults to help people of all ages and stages…

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Lila Rose VS. The Culture of Death

Lila Rose is an American pro-life activist and the founder of Live Action. She conducts undercover activities in abortion facilities in the United States, including affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. During our conversation, we talk about St. Joan of Ark (Lila’s Confirmation Saint), the Pro-life versus Pro-death climate, the banning of Pro-life speech…

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Hell Burns

Now, this one starts out a little different … I usually introduce my guests (like a normal host) but when Sr. Helena and I began speaking, we just jumped right into a normal and absolutely awesome (thanks to her) convo about life, family, nonsensical crap, and some good ol’ holy stuff. Sr. Helena covers a…

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Running Myself Together

Maria is the beautiful mind behind RunningMyselfTogether, a blog on faith, running, and mental health. After years of struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression, she now helps others who are facing the same trials find their passion for running and know their worth in Christ. She’s an RRCA certified run coach who, while never being a runner…

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The Gift of Autism

Carolyn is a mom, a blogger, and an Etsy artist who spends a large portion of her time raising her family of five boys. She loves her role as a mother, and though it comes with its challenges, knows of the gift that each of her children are to this world. In our conversation, Carolyn…

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Nothing but Gratitude

Josie Robinson, a writer and counselor, offers support and encouragement to people who struggle to find meaning in today’s intense, chaotic world. Josie shares with us how she helps people create a joyful and inspiring life through the simple, yet powerful, practice of gratitude. In our conversation, she challenges us with a 30 day gratitude practice,…

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This is Us (answering your questions)

We continue Season 6 of This is Us by answering your questions. In Episode 2, Ricky and I take turns asking each other YOUR questions from my Insta post. We mostly agreed on them, but ya know, marriage. 😉 We have only two more episodes in Season 6, and so, if you have any other…

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This is US

A miracle has happened! Ricky, my husband, has agreed to finally be on the podcast. It only took three years. This episode answers my MOST asked question on social media and in person: HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR HUSBAND? Ricky and I give both of our versions of “how we met” along with a few…

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