Blessed are the Booty-Shakers: Beyonce and the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyoncé is an incredibly beautiful woman and a gifted singer and dancer. Her feminine beauty captivates her audiences. Her soft voice yet powerful singing lifts the soul. And her dancing can tell a story through the movements of her body – all of which are good and beautiful things in this world.

But like all good and beautiful things, they can be exploited and even distorted.

When our sexual values receive the majority of attention, it eclipses our personal value. Furthermore, when our sexual values are unprotected it can lead others to see us as an object of utility. We witnessed merely a display of Beyoncé’s body parts during the Super Bowl halftime show. Her extraordinary singing and dancing were upstaged by the exploitation of her sexual values.

Pelvic thrusting never looks good on anyone. Licking your finger and tracing it down your chest is also a not-so-classy move. We can assume that showcasing talent with class and dignity were not the goals for this performance. However, if the goal was to focus only on Beyoncé’s sex appeal and distract viewers from her beautiful voice– bravo. If the goal was to debase her dancing skills to a stripper sans pole – again, bravo.

We should want to protect our sexual values so they do not become the main attraction and obscure our personal value. With our personal value obscured, our sexual values are left to become mere objects for pleasure. This is a type of utilitarianism – when we reduce a person to an object of use.

When we exploit our sexual values while showcasing our talents how can we really know that our talents are truly valued?

Note:The following comments come from a desire to illustrate the distinction between showcasing one’s talents and exploiting one’s sexual values.

Again, allow me to emphasize that I’m discussing Beyoncé’s performance, not the state of her soul.

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