The Standard of Beauty

Wonder why we have such a skewed perspective of beauty?  Wonder why we look at women in magazines, social media sites, Pinterest and the like and come away with thoughts of how to change ourselves?

Here’s your answer in 37 seconds: An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard of Beauty

The standard of beauty has morphed into a fake, Barbie-esque version. What’s ironic is that we know Photoshop exists and is used. We know that women in magazines do not look exactly how they are pictured.  So why do we still fall for it?  Do we believe our outward appearance is all we have to offer? Today’s beauty standards are meant for those who believe all they have to offer is beauty.

Here’s how to rise above those standards and understand the true meaning and gift of beauty. 

If we are going to move beyond the afore mentioned standards, we need to understand the origin and calling of beauty. God, the Creator of all things, created beauty; it is a reflection of God in the world. God has given us different gifts but the one that remains in all is beauty. The gift of beauty should be used to inspire and lift the soul, it is its calling.

I talk about her frequently, but every time I see a picture of her I can’t help but think how beautiful she is. Blessed Mother Teresa was beautiful! Granted, by culture’s beauty standards she was not. She was short, had plenty of wrinkles, donned only one outfit for the majority of her life and her hands were often dirty. But she loved – she loved those who no one else wanted to love, and she loved them to the end. Her service for the Lord, in simply loving others, drew the attention of the world. She showed us how beautiful it is to love and the beauty of others who are loved.

Beauty finds its vocation in service. 

When we see the Pieta, do we give it praise or praise Michelangelo? You are the masterpiece of The Artist. Why do you think He gave you beauty? All praise and glory should be given to God, not Maybeline, Chanel or Adobe.

Free yourself from these standards. Allow your beauty to find its meaning and purpose in holy inspiration.

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