Are you dating “the one”?

I would be lying if I said I was one of those girls who knew I would marry my husband the first time I laid eyes on him. Our relationship wasn’t always full of stars and explosions. It was real. It was normal, and our love story had some anti-climactic moments. Nevertheless, what I soon discovered was that unlike many emotion-driven relationships of the past, this intentional, prayer-driven relationship was absolutely the most romantic. It led me right to the altar.

There were a few key reasons that led me to say, “Yes,” when Max got down on one knee, and I hope they are helpful for some of you in your own dating relationships.


For every woman it’s different, but I knew without a doubt that this was something I personally needed. My Catholic faith is so tied up into my identity that I wanted my husband to fully understand each and every part of me and no less.

This also turned out to be important for our relationship because we immediately began praying together that God would help us discern His will. We prayed a Saint Joseph novena together and countless rosaries. I highly recommend it. There is something super hot about a man who flexes his prayer muscles!


Want to know what brought us together in the first place? Hip hop music. Seriously. I will forever be in debt to my older brother for introducing me to Outkast in middle school… or maybe not. Anyways – the point is that commonalities helped us form an instant bond. We are both from Minnesota. We both immensely enjoy feta cheese, olives, and pita chips. You know, the important things.

Not only that, but Max and I also had shared vision in where we hoped to live, finances, children, etc. The day he asked me these types of questions was the day I realized we might jive well with each other ‘til death do us part. We essentially read each other’s minds. It was fa-reaky!


This is imperative. There were many times in our relationship that I was struck by the way that God worked through Max. He deepened my spiritual life in new ways. He lovingly helped me grow in my weaknesses and my wounds. I was able to be completely myself. Max truly brings out the best in me and I the best in him.


This is another important one. Perhaps the most important. Max and I have both had our fair share of utter infuriation towards each other. And guess what? That’s normal. It is how you choose to look at it, though, that will define your relationship. By God’s grace I was able to see through my anger and say, “He will never fulfill me. I cannot seek my happiness through him. God is the only one who can fulfill me, and we must keep our eyes focused on Him.”

This was a reassuring thought for me because it’s completely opposite what secular culture says about love, yet it’s the truth. Once I understood that reality I was able to freely move forward in saying, “YES!”

So there you have it, y’all! God’s Prince Charming is way better than anyone I could have dreamt up. Pray for His will to be done in your life. I promise you won’t regret it.

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