Marry Yourself?: Why self-centeredness doesn’t work in marriage

A husband and wife team have put together a “wedding in a box” product for people who can marry themselves. Yep, that’s right, to marry themselves– complete with a ring, vows and affirmation cards.

Their mission for the Marry Me Wedding in a Box is “to spread love to more people and communities and in more places around the world”.

I would marry myself

Their hope is that more people will learn to love themselves more. The type of love that seems to be at the center of the ‘Marry Me Wedding in a Box’ is a love that promotes YOU first and OTHERS second.

No doubt, we need to take care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit but this product takes self-centeredness to a whole new level. This new fad, laced with narcism, promotes self empowerment and happiness at the most individualistic level.

Will marrying ourselves really bring about more happiness or self empowerment? 

Anyone who is married can tell you that the goal of marriage is not about celebrating personal awesomeness, rather it is other-centered. I’ve been married for less than two years (clearly, I’m still a rookie) but being married to Ricky has truly made me a better person. It’s not just about me anymore, its about us. And that’s a good thing.

How will marrying ourselves make us a better person?

Will we learn to share more with ourselves or sacrifice for the good of ourselves? That doesn’t sound right. Besides, human love is fallible and will never completely fill our hearts, even self love.

A good discussion on this topic was featured on Patrick Madrid’s podcast, Right Here Right Now. Listen in for a more in depth conversation on the matter.

So, tell me, what do you think? Do you agree with me or think I’ve taken my disgruntled opinion too far?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please leave your comments below.

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