Wear Your Crown. Proudly.

This morning I listened to a young woman cry, sob actually, about how she allowed her boyfriend to verbally abusive her to the point that she abandoned her doctorate degree, alienated herself from all of her friends and lost all confidence.

She told me that she couldn’t decide which cupcake to pick out at the bakery unless he helped her, she was not allowed to buy a plane ticket back home to visit her parents without his say-so. She shared with me her fears of leaving him and her fears of being without him.

A lot can be said about unhealthy relationships (blog post coming soon on this topic, stay tuned). But for now, please let me share this little piece of advice that was once given to me:

Typically, men who suffer from insecurities and a lack of maturity are put off by women who are confident, talented, successful, or independent. In turn, these types of men will often make women feel that they need to be ‘less than’ in order to stay or save the relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is removing jewels from their crown to make it easier for a man to carry. Women don’t need a smaller crown. They need a man with bigger hands.


Wear your crown, ladies. Proudly.


*For domestic violence helplines and shelters, please click here.

(Note: Before you get all crazy-like, I am not a man-hater nor do I believe that ALL men are like or act like this. There are tons of sincere, honest, virtuous men who would never dream of treating a woman like this. This note of encouragement is a response to a woman who has suffered the torment of an abusive relationship and meant to help other women find support and help out of unhealthy relationships.)

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