Becoming Women of the Word (with Sarah Christmyer)

We hear so much about the great male figures of the Old Testament – Abraham, Jacob, Moses… but we don’t often think about how much the women of the Old Testament had an impact! What irreplaceable parts did they play? What lessons do they learn? What lessons can they have to teach us about faith? How did they pave the way to Mary? Join us for a sneak peek into Sarah Christmyer’s take on the women of the Old Testament, as she shares what’s behind the stories of Leah and Rachel and of Rahab.

Leah and Sarah talk about how relatable these women of scripture are, finding our own story in their stories, learning how to praise God, how to bless each other, and being sources of strength and encouragement for one another.


You can learn more about Sarah Christmyer at and find her book, Becoming Women of the Word at Ave Maria Press or on Amazon!

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