Before You Even Start Dating, Listen To This! (with Dr. Greg Bottaro)

He’s back again! Dr. Greg Bottaro comes back on the podcast to talk about dating. Leah and Dr. Greg continue to break down what it means to live an integrated life, and to apply the principles of integration into dating. They discuss authenticity, dating as training in the bigger gift of self found in marriage, living with “the ache”, and then gets SUPER practical at the end about “online dating”.

Dr. Greg prompts us practically in learning how to grow into a person who can be a real gift to another, and how to approach another person as unique and unrepeatable. He also discusses how to find what would truly make a good partner and prioritize the qualities that matter. Ask yourself questions like, “Is this person trying to become more virtuous?”


Learn more from Dr. Greg Bottaro on Instagram at @catholicpsych or through his websites The Catholic Psych Institute and Integrated.Life.

Dr. Greg’s course, How To Be Married, is at

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