Don’t Call Me Gay. Call Me Catholic.

Avera Maria Santo is a 21-year-old Alabama native and part time college student. When she’s not in school, she’s working on her blog titled Inside My Holy of Holies, where she writes about her life as a practicing Catholic living a chaste life with same-sex attractions.

In this conversation, we talk about her struggle of same-sex attraction and its connection to her Catholic faith, along with her blog post that went viral addressing Fr. James Martin. Feel free to check it out after listening here.

You can connect with Avera Maria Santo here or check out Avera’s new Kindle book, Experience Me: Letters to a Young Catholic Living with Same-Sex Attractions here.

*Dutifully so, it should be noted that this topic needs MUCH MORE unpacking than just one interview. Please know that Leah Darrow and the DSB Podcast are in no way attempting to simplify this topic to one, one hour, convo. That is plain ridiculous. This is just a start, an attempt to talk about topics that are challenging in the face of faith and culture. We welcome your charitable thoughts and comments.

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