S5E1: Dating Stories

In light of Valentines Day, I decided to do a podcast on the funny and unforgettable moments of dating. I am joined by Christina Jaloway, Sarah Swafford, Lisa Cotter, Jackie Francois Angel and our lone male contributor, Chris Stefanick.

We share with you our dating stories, the ones that left us running for the hills and those that left us with some pretty big life lessons – we hope you enjoy them and laugh with (or at) us.¬†My guests, as usual, are amazing and have given us, throughout this podcast episode, so many good resources, so here you go. You’re welcome. ūüėČ

Listen to the podcast episode HERE.


Forever: A Catholic Devotional For Your Marriage by Jackie & Bobby Angel

Emotional Virtue by Sarah Swafford

Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love In An Imperfect World by Lisa & Kevin Cotter

The Other Side of Beauty:Embracing God’s Vision of Love and True Worth¬†by yours truly (Leah Darrow)


The Natural Progression  by Sarah Swafford

What Not To Say To Your Single Friends by Christina Jalloway

Stop Guarding Your Heart And Start Paying Attention To Reality by Christina Jalloway


Jackie Angel: www.jackieandbobby.com
Sarah Swafford: www.emotionalvirtue.com
Lisa Cotter: www.madetomagnify.com
Christina Jaloway: www.theevangelista.com
Chris Stefanick: www.reallifecatholic.com

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