Walking with the Homeless

“When you look away from a homeless person, you diminish their humanity and your own.” ~ Brené Brown

Christ in the City missionaries don’t just drop off food or blankets, but create friendships with the homeless in Denver, Colorado.

These missionaries go out and spend time with the homeless, eat meals with them, and get to know them as persons with inherent dignity. Christ in the City is a Catholic non-profit dedicated to forming missionaries, volunteers and communities in knowing, loving and serving the poor.

In this episode, we talk with Blake, a Christ in the City missionary who “walks with the homeless” and helps us do the same in our own life with the people Christ brings into our life.

We discuss:

-Why is there so much homelessness in America?

-Why are some homeless resistant to help?

-How does a Christ in the City missionary “walk with the homeless”?

-Is it okay to give money to the homeless we meet?

-What can we do for the homeless in our own city?

Make sure you check out how YOU can become a missionary or help a missionary out at www.christinthecity.co


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