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Reclaiming Truth, Beauty, and Love one soul at a time

Finding a dynamic, authentic, professional Catholic speaker for your event can be challenging. How do you know if their message and speaking style will resonate with the audience? Will they be authentic to Catholic teaching and to their personal witness? And will they be easy to work with and help your event be a success?

Leah Darrow is the perfect fit for your youth event, chastity event, women's conference, or young adult event. Her honest message of real Beauty and real Love, along with her clear and funny way of proclaiming God's Truth, will help your audience come to a deeper appreciation of God's love in their lives.

Don't hesitate to contact us about your event. We look forward to working with you to make your event a success. God Bless!

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Talk Topics

Leah's most requested talk topics

From Top Model to Role Model

For High Schoolers

Witness Presentation: Fame, beauty, and money can never deeply satisfy. This is the story of an unsuspecting girl who meets Jesus in the most unlikely of places. Leah challenges her audience to have courage to embrace real love (chastity) and conversion.

Presentation appropriate for high schools.

Previous events include high schools, youth conferences, confirmation retreats, and pro-life rallies.

Decent Exposure: Why Women Must Reclaim Beauty

For Females Only

Modesty/Beauty Presentation: As a former professional model, Leah draws from her experiences in the beauty industry to reveal the dangers of the world's misconception of beauty. This presentation breaks down the pop culture’s idea of beauty and reveals that it ultimately exploits women as objects for mere use. In contrast to this empty idea of beauty, Leah explores God's design for beauty by reflecting on the virtue of modesty with inspiration from Sacred Scripture, Theology of the Body, and Mother Teresa.

Presentation appropriate for all-female audience.

Previous events include mother-daughter teas, women's retreats, college retreats, fashion shows, women's conferences, galas, and fundraisers.

Made for More: What I Wish Every College Student Knew

For College Studnets

Leah shares some of her personal failures and wins in life regarding faith, fashion, dating, career choices and vocation. Weaving humor with a down-to-earth approach on life, Leah demonstrates how we can take responsibility for our actions, make wise decisions and fulfill who we are called to be.

Presentation appropriate for college and young adult audiences.

Previous venues have included universities, FOCUS Seek conferences, Theology on Tap, and young adult conferences.

Prodigal Daughter: How a Dad Got His Little Girl Back

For Parents and Adults

Have you ever heard the parable of the Prodigal Son? Leah shares her story of being a “prodigal daughter” as a reality TV contestant on America's Next Top Model and a professional model in New York City who thought she had it all. She tells how her father came for her when she least expected. Leah gives four inspirational lessons to help parents keep and bring their families together. Never give up on your prodigal child—he or she is counting on you.

Targeted towards parents, appropriate for Men's conferences, Women's conferences, and retreats.

Previous venues include adult mens and women's conferences, family conferences, galas, fundraisers, non-profit and pro-life events.

Made For More

Leah's Talk from SEEK 2013

"The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness."
- Pope Benedict XVI

Where do you find love? Do you find it in another's arms, in pursing dreams of power, money, and fame, in giving yourself over to the world? Leah Darrow offers an incredible witness of God's grace and faithfulness in the midst of shame and guilt from her past in this talk from SEEK 2013.


What others are saying about Leah

Leah has a true gift for sharing a Christ centered vision that is relevant, compelling and engaging. I have witnessed thousands of young men and women sit in rapt attention as she shares her thoughts from her heart.

Curtis Martin, Founder of FOCUS

Leah is like a gentle force within the New Evangelization - joyful and engaging yet relevant and challenging. I’m personally inspired every time I hear her speak. Leah commands the stage and captivates audiences - young and old - with her authentic witness and humble heart.

Her depth and humor reveal that her true beauty lies far beneath the surface and her gift to the Kingdom well beyond her words. It’s exciting to see how the Lord continues to use her in such bold ways. Leah is exactly what the young Church needs…a strong, feminine voice that inspires both men and women to set and keep their bars high. What a gift she is.

Mark Hart, Life Teen Executive Vice President, @LT_TheBibleGeek

Leah Darrow is an authentic voice of the powerful mercy and life-giving love of Jesus Christ. Her honesty, beauty and relevant message speak to the hope that all of us have for redemption and transformation.

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, @onegroovynun

God is communicating something powerful to this generation, etched into the life of Leah Darrow, and the whole world needs to hear it.

Chris Stefanick, Founder of Real Life Catholic, @ChrisStefanick

Leah Darrow's testimony is a powerful example that God's mercy is at work in the world today, even in the heart of the media and fashion industries. Her message offers young women the hope to begin again, allowing God to renew their hearts.

Jason Evert, Founder of The Chastity Project, @jasonevert

Leah's powerful personal testimony needs to be heard in parishes and communities everywhere. She has the rare ability to speak to a large crowd and yet make a person feel as if she is speaking directly to them.

Fr. Mike Harrington, Vocations Director at Archdiocese of Boston

Leah Darrow has a magnificent impact on women to help them re-orient their thought process and hearts toward goodness and the truth of who they are as daughters of God the Father and the dignity of who they are as women. Leah brought insight to the young women who heard her. The girls have not stopped talking about her presence at the assembly and the message she gave them. Leah is a joy to listen to, she is able to masterfully intertwine the truths she wishes to impart with humor and stories. We are so grateful for her presence and the gift she offers through her ministry.

Sr. Grace Helena, Carmelite Sisters of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus of Los Angeles

Twitter Endorsements

What Young Catholics are saying about Leah

"Don't accept any less than man that will lead you to Christ" @leahdarrow preaching and changing the world at #SEEK2015

Erica Stobaugh, @urrickax

Thank you @leahdarrow for dropping for some explosive truth bombs on us at #SEEK2015 :)

Brittany, @BrittanyThevanh

Holy cow. @leahdarrow for president. What an amazing speaker and beautiful sister in Christ. #seek2015 #inspirational

Breanna, @Breeyonce7

Listening to @leahdarrow at #SEEK2015 is BLOWING. MY. MIND. What an amazing woman of God.

Megan Caillier, @caillier

@leahdarrow has been a HUGE inspiration for me from the moment I met her. Thank you for showing how to truly #wantmore #bravery #SEEK2015

Joan, @JoanerBoaner

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