So You Wanna Be a Catholic Speaker

How do I become a speaker? What should I do if I want to lead worship music?

Questions about how to be a speaker or worship leader inevitably pop up after an event from talented, amazing young ladies and women – which is why I am so happy to share with you some pearls of wisdom from one of the sweetest (and talented) young women I know, Emily Wilson.

Emily has lead thousands upon thousands of young people in worship music and speaks to young women about their beauty and dignity. While she continues to travel the world, sharing her gifts with others, she inspires many to the same calling.

Today, guest author, Emily Wilson has pulled together a few key resources and suggestions for those who have a desire to share the Gospel message from a microphone.


So, Emily, how do I become a Christian Speaker and/or Worship Leader?

The short answer to all these questions is this…there is not one formula to follow. I did not receive a list of steps to take in order to create a ministry or travel and speak. I got to where I am by the hand of God. Of course, I continually put in hard work, plenty of hours of prayer, and lots of dedication, but there is no recipe to follow to become a speaker or a worship leader. If you have ever thought about it, prayed about it, or feel like you may be called to this ministry, these are a few suggestions I have.

1. Pray about it.

You don’t have to spend hours discerning whether this is your calling. If you feel a pull or a desire to share your faith in this way, you can simply and continually pray, “God, if this is what you are calling me to, open the right doors. Show me where to go.” If that is the path He wants you on, the doors and opportunities will surely open.

2. Read Scripture and books.

Great speakers don’t make up all the content in their talks from their own ideas. Great worship leaders don’t just make up all the words in their songs out of the blue. As my friend Steve says, more than half of what we say is plagiarism. We are getting it from the Bible, the written Word of God. Read about the faith and study Scripture. It will enrich your faith as a minister to the Kingdom (in whatever capacity that may be), and give you great content for creating talks and songs.

3. Get involved in ministry.

Almost every speaker or worship leader I know began as a youth minister or campus minister. This is a great place to get to know young people and what they hunger for. It is also a wonderful avenue to practice giving talks or leading music, whether that’s on a retreat with 30 people or playing music at Mass. Every speaker begins their speaking career with small groups of people; nobody gives their first talk to a group of 2,000. My speaking was heavily enriched by my time as a campus minister at a Catholic high school. I learned valuable lessons about ministry, about leading music, and about speaking through a day-to-day life of ministry.

4. Reality Check.

If the doors are not opening for you to this calling, pray about where God truly does want you to use your gifts. Many people wish to become a speaker or musician because they think it is glamorous and fun. I’ll be the first to tell you that sitting on flight after flight all alone, walking into a cold hotel room late at night, brushing my hair for a week with hotel combs because I forgot my brush – all these things are less than glamorous. Certainly, speakers and worship leaders are joyful and fun because we are living out our calling. There are many parts of the job that are less than perfect, and it is not a job meant for everyone. If the opportunity is not opening up for you, actively seek out what God is calling you to!

I hope that these thoughts help you on your journey to where God may be calling you. Know that His plan for you is perfect, and He knows well what will make you come alive and make you the most joyful you can be!


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